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How To setup your Visio Stencils

Importing the Dynamics CRM Application Stencils into Microsoft Visio can be done in just a few simple steps:

  1. Open your Visio Document
  2. Click on Stencils --> Import
  3. Find the CRM Stencils you installed with the install package
  4. Start adding CRM Forms and Controls!

Video: Setup Visio Stencils

Using the Dynamics CRM Form Shape

The Dynamics CRM Form shape is the basis for working with the CRM Stencils. It includes the full template for an entity form including the ribbon buttons, left side navigation items, entity icons and of course sections and fields.
Simply adding the shape to the workspace will open a dialog for the settings including entity name and icons. To edit a control simply double click it to re-open the configuration dialog.

Video: Using The Dynamics CRM Form Shape